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August 24, 2007



You really got a thing for camels, yo.

Pumpkin Man

Where in Copacabana were you? It's not my favorite area either but it's very central and close to everything. Copacabana "grew up" too quickly in the late 60's-early 70's and was (over)developed to death. There is a cool slideshow of the beach development through the years in today's O Globo newspaper. Check it out!,,MUL93781-5606,00.html

My best,

Pumpkin Man


Love the website!

I was in Copa at Djalma Ulrich. I have also stayed in Ipanema on Visconde de Piraja next to the McDonald's and in Leblon on Cupertino Durao (one of my very favorite areas of town).


Pumpkin Man

Djalma Ulrich is just one block over from where I live here in Rio! We were almost neighbors!!

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